Cheers from nord bistro!

We are sad to announce the closing of Nord Bistro.  We have had an amazing 6 ½ years but ongoing health challenges have made us re-evaluate our priorities.  We would like to thank all of our amazing customers/friends who have been with us through the highs and lows of the journey.  We have been truly touched by the personal relationship we have with so many clients and how many reached out and supported us through the pandemic.  It was always my dream to own my own restaurant and I feel satisfied that I achieved my life goal.  Salt and Pepper Catering will be taking over the space, a business associated with my partner who helped me greatly in getting Nord started, Joe Bersani.  Thank you to everyone who helped us get started and kept us going for two thirds of a decade.  We are sad to go but happy about the future.  I will be transitioning to a chef for hire role.  The website will remain active for the foreseeable future and you can contact us through

Thank you again!!  Bart and Lara Pocock